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“Welcome to Bratten Performance, where we redefine the boundaries of athletic development. We understand that achieving peak performance requires more than just a gym, it demands a comprehensive approach that blends both physical, mental and psychological prowess. Every athlete that comes to us is starting from a different place of knowledge, confidence and strength. We meet them where they are and create training programs that allow them to exponentially reach their goals and perform their best
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“As coaches, we want to inspire you to achieve more. Motivation lasts only for a moment, but when we INSPIRE you through vision of what is possible and you see tangible and noticeable quickly, you will have exceptional confidence



We don’t just train athletes, we coach them. THAT is what separate us. Anyone can train and create workouts, but few can coach and create programs. Through our coaching model you will enhance your performance, unlock your potential and realize faster results



When you have the right coaching program and your coach understands the path to get you where you need to be athletically, you will experience marked improvements and success. Success only comes from doing hard things better than everyone else. We expect the road to be difficult, but not impossible if you trust the process!



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Our Expert Programs For Better Results

We have coaching and training programs for all athletes. Our personalized programs are tailored to your specific needs and understanding. We offer 1- on-1 sessions, semi-private and group training with flexible scheduling to fit into your busy life and schedule. Training is not optional if you want to be your best – It is Necessary


At Bratten Performance our coaches are committed to delivering the highest standards of instruction, training and communication. We want every athlete to receive highquality training and coaching, regardless of their current training level or experience. We offer a wide range of services to provide the highest value and meet the unique needs and goals of our athletes.
Knowledgable Coaches

“Our coaches have been personally mentored by Adam Bratten and have a “skilled coaches eye” to see where inefficiencies of movement and jumping are and how to become more athletic

Team Training Camps

We can provide training and coaching for your entire team whether high school, college, club or summer camp. We will implement and provide a comprehensive solution to get your athletes faster, more explosive and athletic


“Help your team or organization with the mental side of sports, professional development or creating a better team environment in the corporate world. Adams has talks on ‘Missing the Mark and Why It’s Important’ and ‘Will you keep walking when you can’t see it working’ as well as ‘Challenge your Capacity

sport nutrition

‘Fat Don’t Fly’ is a common phrase used when it comes to optimizing your performance. We will teach you when and what to eat whether you need to gain weight and lean muscle or need to decrease your body fat percentage. For those athletes who want a more advanced approach ask about our use of the Lumen device to help track where you are throughout the day.


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Owner and Director of Athletic Development

Adam Bratten is the owner of Bratten Performance and is a skilled communicator, coach and mentor. He is dedicated to developing not only the next generation of athletes, but the next generation of coaches

Adam Bratten

Owner and Director of Athletic

Adam Bratten is a former collegiate football and basketball athlete and collegiate football coach. Using these experiences, as well as working with some of the best sports performance coaches in the country, he has become a leader in designing the most comprehensive and individualized youth and college development strength training programs since 1996.

Adam has trained well over 10,000 athletes from several clubs and high schools in the state of Colorado as well as out of state. He has worked with all sports and has successfully trained 1- on-1, semi-private and large groups.

With proper coaching of movement efficiency and mechanics, Adam’s athletes continually make rapid improvements not by working and trying harder, but by understanding how to do more work with less effort through movement efficiency and the proper organization and coordination of their limbs.

It is his belief that intentional and deliberate weight training and agility work in conjunction with great coaching is of paramount importance in developing the most resilient, most athletic and strongest athletes.

He oversees and runs speed and movement clinics for large clubs as well as individual teams both in-state and out-of-state. Athletes are progressed through a systematic and intentional training plan to allow for necessary tissue development, understanding of posture and position and have a high degree of repeatability.


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At Bratten Performance we believe that staying informed and educated is an essential part of any training journey. That’s why we’re committed to regularly publishing high-quality content that covers a wide range of topics related to fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

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